Exterior and Interior Design

A successful project is the result of a good combination of exterior and interior design.  If the architect is the person to develop the project’s overall vision, the interior designer then helps to really bring the vision’s details to life. Alinco designs spaces for both living and working uses.  Interior designs demand the designer to have high artistic vision, to be updated on the latest trends and materials, and a deep understanding of the users of a particular space.  Only then can they develop an appropriate design.

Facade design involves designing the open spaces to bring out each project’s unique attributes while still remain aligned to the area’s environment and climate. With a deep understanding of the local environment, the flora and fauna of the area, as well as deep knowledge of systems (lighting, water supply…), the architect can bring together spaces within the project.  Alinco has successfully executed facade design for a variety of projects, from high rises with limited land use area to wide open resorts, helping to bring high value-add to these projects.