Urban planning consultants firm in vietnam

Tháng Bảy 12, 2018

  • English name: Alinco Ltd
  • Establishment year: 2001
  • Address: 234 Ngo Tat To St.,Binh Thanh Dist.
  • Telephone: (84-28) 3840 1750
  • Email: sales@alinco.com.vn

A successfully executed real estate project depends not only on its profitability, but also on its sustainability once occupied, its adaptability and suitability within its location and its economic and social context. It also has the necessity to provide a modern, comfortable living standard and is also close to the natural environment.

Urban planning is the first step to a real estate’s execution plan. To help the project owner create a high quality real estate project, we focus on reviewing the project’s external factors from the natural environment, social makeup, as well as internal considerations for after the project has formed. From there we propose the project’s land use, the spatial design as well as the proper ratios for the different project features, types of housing, population, construction plans to fit with the local regulation as well as maximizing economic returns.

Functions and tasks:

1. To gather and unite the people working in urban planning and development in the country in the following areas: urban and rural planning and design, architecture design of urban landscape, urban management, environmental protection, consulting, training, scientific research on urban planning, investment and development, to protect its members’ legal rights of mental, physical interests and professional ethics.

2. To perform consultancy, judgment and social expertise in urban planning and development, to implement the tasks assigned by the State.

3. To join the State management agencies, scientific research institutions, training institutions and other social organizations in the research and development of legal documents, scientific research, investment consultancy and training in the field of urban planning and development.

4. To propagate and disseminate the knowledge, experience and laws, to improve people’s knowledge of urban planning and development, to protect the legitimate interests and career guidance for its member associations and the affiliated units.

5. To organize the exchanges and cooperation with international organizations and foreign individuals as prescribed by the laws

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